Shed the fat… not literally

Spending time in the squat daily.

Not medical advice.

In fact keep the fat. Fats power your hormones. Fats carry an energy count of 9 calories per gram as apposed to protein and carbohydrates at 4. The best fats are often found alongside the best protein sources. Nature knows what it’s doing. Many of the proteins, and micronutrients that are crucial to be consumed through your diet, as well as many people are deficient in are considered fat soluble. Concentrated food products and supplements, can be beneficial, however for the most part you’re not going to get too far, without the proper ratios of macro and micronutrients, and be as close to the source as possible(as close to the way nature intended our food), you’re mostly creating really expensive urine, and continuing to create nutrient, and hormonal imbalances in the body.

Enough about fat, don’t ditch it.

Ditch the up and down, blood sugar spikes, energy and hormone imbalances, cortisol out of control, anxiety inducing artificial food products, excessive caffeine(can be used in moderation,) sugar, gluten, processed bread and wheat products. Most people are so out of whack these days, consuming copious amounts of caffeine, addicted to sugar, and finding it necessary to consume alcohol or other supplements to sleep, calm down, and as an attempt to self medicate even if they don’t know they’re doing it, at the cost of their own health.

Caffeine carries so much confusion. Early on I heard people talking about how caffeine was bad for you. Quitting coffee was peoples first step on the way to health. Now many nutrition experts, trainers, and health gurus, tout the beneficial effects of caffeine, saying that it helps you burn fat, decreases appetite, increases cognitive function etc. with no risk at all, and it is only a positive to consume as much as possible.

There is some truth to this Caffeine has shown positive effects in many areas, but at what cost. Caffeine can be used responsibly however, there is definitely a downside. Caffeine is a stimulant, and if used excessively can cause sleep disturbance, hormonal highs and lows, dependence, increased heart rate and blood pressure. My current belief is that if you need caffeine everyday to do what you think you need to do in life, as well as alcohol, sleep supplements, etc. You’re not following the necessary principles of health, and maybe not living life right for you… As well not all of your problems are a mystery. Looking to control caffeine use and not be dependent as well as the following should be one of the first places to look. I’m not anti caffeine, I think that it can be used in moderation, and can be a part of healthful holistic lifestyle plan. But if you have been on the caffeine train for a long time, I suggest getting it under control, burying the hatchet and sucking up the headaches and brain fog(often also caused by sugar addiction, and gluten) for a couple weeks to get some space from the dependence. A lot can be revealed when you do things like this from anything.

Space leads to perspective. From any noun, person, place, thing quality or action. It is so easy for humans to become compulsive with any activity. After a while we think we need something, or we don’t even know why we’ve found ourselves in the place we are. Separation allows a second look, like watching a good movie again and again, finding something new to take from it with every watch. Caffeine and sleep inducing substances is a micro example of this, and maybe for some a little larger… watch what happens, maybe you’ll realize what you thought was helping you or you needed was only a detriment, or wasn’t as crucial to your sustenance as your compulsion might have made you believe…

One of the main things I’m getting at in this article is that so many people are talking about anxiety, depression, having trouble sleeping, suffering from health problems, the first place to look is some of these, before looking for the next supplement or a radical solution. Caffeine in studies has been shown to cause anxiety, as well as gluten and sugar affect the way that the brain works.

In the middle is the sugar. Sugar is addictive. Most of us, especially in the United States, are addicted to sugar. Putting our body through blood sugar spikes, glucose intolerance, causing mental dysfunction, and furthering the imbalance that many of us find ourselves in. Think of it as a wave, the morning- caffeine-throughout the day-sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, gmo foods, supplements-nightime-alcohol, melatonin ( a hormone), etc.

Break the cycle. Ditch the processed foods, filled with sugar, wheat products, gluten, and watch your world change. You may find that everything calms down a bit and your body begins to regulate, your thinking begins to improve and become more clear, and your health begins to improve.

Remember though some sugar and carbohydrates are still ok. If you’re just taking the first steps towards improving your health and wellbeing, do not worry about consuming organic fruits, sweet potatoes(one of my favorite carbohydrate sources),etc. Going full keto from the average diet can be a little too radical. Start by switching the 200+mg of caffeine per day to decaf coffee, light tea, etc. get rid of the wheat, gluten products immediately, and start to dial down the melatonin, or whatever else you might be reaching towards for sleep.

Look here first. Sleep. Movement. Water. Nutrition.

Purpose – Intention

Saturday October 10, 2020

In an unprecedented time, we have so much to choose from in terms of media. You can learn almost anything on youtube, or through the internet. There’s thousands of instagram “influencers” offering various products, workouts, nutrition advice, spritual guidance and telling you how to keep your motivation. Telling you to embrace the grind, and showing you how hard they work.

I’ve been obsessed with health and wellness, fitness and gym culture, lifting weights and sports for as long as I could remember. Around 15 was when I feel I first discovered the wealth of knowledge on the internet. I used to get so excited for my favorite fitness youtuber to post up some great new information. When I first discovered instagram there was a few people posting great organic content, but as time as gone on, and the trend has continued, I’ve found that less and less there’s anyone putting out the kind of content I’m interested in. There are still a few, and for those people I’m extremely grateful.

“Write the book you want to read.”- Unknown

In this case blog. I’ve decided to start a “Modern Old-School Approach,” in writing a blog. I’m sure there are people out there taking part in the kind of lifeswork and journey that I’m interested in, but I do not see them right in front of me at this moment. That is why I’ve decided to start this blog. I believe in writing, I believe in self expression, and self actualization, and I also wish there was someone ahead of me that was putting information out like I plan to. Again, there are definitely a few people that I admire greatly for their books they’re currently writing and have put out, podcasts, youtube channels, instagram content, etc. but as a whole I find so much of what is out there lacking the sincere depth for which I’m aspring to achieve.

I plan on putting out quality health, wellness, lifestyle, and introspective research, into self reflection and writing on this blog, in hopes to help a few people along their own journey.