Purpose – Intention

Saturday October 10, 2020

In an unprecedented time, we have so much to choose from in terms of media. You can learn almost anything on youtube, or through the internet. There’s thousands of instagram “influencers” offering various products, workouts, nutrition advice, spritual guidance and telling you how to keep your motivation. Telling you to embrace the grind, and showing you how hard they work.

I’ve been obsessed with health and wellness, fitness and gym culture, lifting weights and sports for as long as I could remember. Around 15 was when I feel I first discovered the wealth of knowledge on the internet. I used to get so excited for my favorite fitness youtuber to post up some great new information. When I first discovered instagram there was a few people posting great organic content, but as time as gone on, and the trend has continued, I’ve found that less and less there’s anyone putting out the kind of content I’m interested in. There are still a few, and for those people I’m extremely grateful.

“Write the book you want to read.”- Unknown

In this case blog. I’ve decided to start a “Modern Old-School Approach,” in writing a blog. I’m sure there are people out there taking part in the kind of lifeswork and journey that I’m interested in, but I do not see them right in front of me at this moment. That is why I’ve decided to start this blog. I believe in writing, I believe in self expression, and self actualization, and I also wish there was someone ahead of me that was putting information out like I plan to. Again, there are definitely a few people that I admire greatly for their books they’re currently writing and have put out, podcasts, youtube channels, instagram content, etc. but as a whole I find so much of what is out there lacking the sincere depth for which I’m aspring to achieve.

I plan on putting out quality health, wellness, lifestyle, and introspective research, into self reflection and writing on this blog, in hopes to help a few people along their own journey.

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